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SWAINS Surface Wave Processing Software
SWAINS Surface Wave Processing Software

SWAINS Application Is Not only Surface-wave software.

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SWAINS is a seismic surface wave data processing software independently developed by Beijing Orangelamp Geophysical Exploration Co., Ltd., include 2 modules: Dispersion Analysis and H/V Analysis. It supports 3-Component H/V inversion and multi-channel active / passive surface wave single or joint inversion. The software is compatible with a variety of standard seismic data formats, and the user-friendly tree-like project management simplifies data import/export and software operations, and pays more attention to the selection of key parameters and the quality of data processing. H/V analysis and inversion can directly process the relative elevation profile and shear wave velocity profile of the bedrock


  • Tree-like project management, the processing process is concise
  • Friendly interface, humanized interaction, and compatible with a variety of Windows operating systems
  • Complete modules, active/passive/mixed source/H/V data processing
  • Unlimited data input size, multiple array data from passive can be processed in batches
  • Support a variety of standard seismic formats, including SEG-2/SEG-Y/SAF and other formats
  • Supports 3-component H/V data analysis, and can process geological impedance and apparent velocity structural profiles
  • Highlight key parameter selection and seismic data processing quality, and improves parallel computing efficiency
  • Comprehensive dispersion algorithms, including 1D/2D transforms(F-K, F-V, F-S, τ-p, (E)SPAC, F-J, etc.)
  • Perfect inversion algorithm, inversion includes single-phase/multi-phase/mixed-phase(mode hopping)/joint inversion, etc.

Scope of Application

  • Engineering geological survey
  • Evaluation of the effect of foundation reinforcement treatment
  • Underground cave and goaf detection
  • Landslide investigation
  • Identify natural frequencies of site and building
  • Overlay thickness estimation

Dispersion Analysis

SWAINS Dispersion Analysis module can process active, passive and the work data for merge of them, the batch operation function is efficient, and provides functions such as dispersion spectrum merging, time segmentation, center channel replacement, etc. The main processing flow is to create a survey line and station, import the raw data, establish an observation system, remove noise, calculate the dispersion spectrum, pick up the dispersion curve, and invert the shear wave velocity profile.

(1)Concise and intuitive observation system definition

(2)Dispersion curves pick in different domains


F-Velocity               F-Wavenumber              F-Slowness

(3)Iterative inversion results of shear wave velocity profile

4Supports merge processing of active and passive dataset

H/V Analysis

H/V (HVSR) method commonly used in engineering structure monitoring, regional survey and geological bedrock exploration and other fields. Though 3-component seismic data's H/V result to find the resonant frequency of the regional soil layer, and then obtained the H/V impedance profile through semi-constrained empirical inversion, and the apparent shear velocity structure profile can also be obtained by inversion based on forward algorithm. SWAINS H/V module can process 3-component data into visualized geological profiles. The evaluation standard of H/V curve results is intuitive, and the interactive operation of the H/V result interface is simple.

3-Component Seismic Data view

H/V Result

     H/V Impedance Profile

Velocity Structural Section of Vs

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