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Abyss Magnetotelluric  2D Modeling & Inversion
Abyss Magnetotelluric 2D Modeling & Inversion

NS magnetotelluric 1D&2D modeling&inversion software for complete-impedance

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Abyss is a software for natural source (Audio-frequency) magnetotelluric processing & modeling and inversion. It supports 1D and 2D forward & inversion of MT/AMT, and also be used for inversion CSAMT far-field data.

  • Import and export of multiple data formats (atimpd/prMT, edi, avg/Zonge);
  • Full impedance support, polarization analysis, impedance rotation and decomposition;
  • 1D inversion algorithms based on Bostick, Rho+, Occam and Marquardt;
  • 2D inversion algorithm based on NLCG (non-linear conjugate gradient);
  • Colored-block plot and contour display model, can directly export Goldensoft Surfer(R) script with one-click;

Interferences data or part of them can be skipped, filtered, dragged or smoothed

Excellent polarization analysis to help determine the dimensionality and 3D spread of the geological body

Analysis of polar diagram

Best principal axis statistics

Real-time impedance rotation

Build and edit model meshes interactively, more intuitive and clear

Interactive Profile fitting

Mesh profiling and editing

Visualization Model Editor

1D Occam, Marquardt, Bostick, RhoPlus, etc. algorithms for interactive computation together

1D forward and inverse

Mouse click and drag to change layer model

1D & 2D inversion profiles can be directly displayed as contours and exported to Goldensoft Surfer(R) for one-click

view Contour/colored-block

Export and run Goldensoft Surfer(R) scripts with one-click

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