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prMT preprocessing software
prMT preprocessing software

Pre-processing software for NS magnetotelluric, transfer the time-series to impedance.

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prMT is a preprocessing software for natural source Magnetotelluric . It's main function is to convert the original electric and magnetic field time series data collected by various magnetotelluric instruments into impedance and tipper for geophysical inversion processing and interpretation. prMT is designed for the use of Aether magnetotelluric system, It can also process the data collected by almost all mainstream magnetotelluric instruments. At the same time, it also provides functions such as time series visualization, analysis, filtering, format conversion, and antenna calibration management.


Compatible with multiple kinds of data formats

  • Aether produced by CrystalGlobe , USA && Orangelamp, China (*.a24, *.a32 format)
  • MTU-5A/5C/5D produced by Phoenix, Canada (*.tbl, *ts2, *.ts3, *ts4, *ts5 ,*.recmeta.json formats)
  • GDP32-24 produced by Zonge, USA (*.cac formats)
  • ADU-07, ADU-08 produced by Metronix, Germany (*.ats format)
  • KMS-820 produced by American KMS company(*.bin format)
  • LEMI-417/LEMI424 produced by Ukraine LEMI company (*.txt format or *.b?? binary)
  • Other formats

Various antenna calibration management

prMT supports importing/exporting a variety kinds of antenna calibrations, to view and manage.

  • CrystalGlobe's CMT, MTS series antenna
  • Zonge ANT series antenna
  • Phoenix AMTC, MTC series antenna
  • LEMI company LEMI series antenna
  • VEGA company IMS series antenna
  • Metronix MFS series antenna

Time series visualization and analysis

prMT supports time series visual viewing, arbitrary zooming to each sampling point; supports time series cutting, editing, notch filter for 50/60Hz and/or its higher harmonics; auto-spectrum calculation and analysis, coherence analysis; each channel data reorganization, format conversion, etc.

Multiple remote reference designs

The remote reference can effectively improve the signal quality of station. The multi-remote reference design supports up to 5 sets of remote reference data to participate in the calculation constraints at the same time, which effectively avoids the limitations of single remote reference and improves the data quality.

Multiple parameter power spectrum screening

prMT performs Robust impedance estimation, allowing for whole or grouped estimation of the power spectrum. Its grouping estimation allows any combination of groups to be screened according to parameters such as dispersion degree, coherence, apparent resistivity, phase, variance, etc., to identify and eliminate interfering groups to improve data quality.

Convenient and efficient interactive operation

  • Large amount of data can be managed by graphical tree diagram and saved in Project file;
  • Batch processing of multiple stations, parameters can be set separately or uniformly;
  • Azimuth rotation allows the E-chan and H-chan to be not strictly orthogonal;
  • Multi-stations and multi-component apparent resistivity/phase/tipper curve comparison, editing, merging, etc;
  • Allows exporting to EDI (power spectrum or impedance), EH4, CSV, Zonge AVG and other formats;
  • Map view, display the location and management of stations on the map;
  • Support Win7/8/10/11 system x86 and x64 platform;
  • Multi-language switching in all interfaces, include English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French and Japanese;
  • Free update with incremental by cloud distribution;

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