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EREV-1+ high precision proton magnetometer
EREV-1+ high precision proton magnetometer

High-precision proton magnetometer, portable and solid.

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Higher accuracy, higher sampling rate, lower storage cost

Erev-1+ is a high-precision proton magnetometer developed according to the suggestions of many customers for field use. It is a portable, solid proton magnetometer with higher acquisition accuracy produced by the latest electronic technology.


  • High-precision magnetic survey and prospecting
  • Magnetic substrate and tectonic exploration
  • Seismic precursor and volcanic precursor observation
  • Engineering and environmental exploration
  • Coalfield and hydrological exploration, pipeline and underground explosives detection
  • Archaeology
  • Oil and gas exploration


  • EREV-1+ has the lightest weight of any magnetometer. The main unit weighs only 1.8 kg including the battery.
  • EREV-1+ has complete time synchronization function, all single point magnetometers and station for measuring diurnal variation of geomagnetic field have the exact same acquisition time.
  • EREV-1+ has a high sampling rate without loss of accuracy.
  • EREV-1+ has an original time synchronization system to get more accurate magnetic field values.

Working experience

  • No tedious setting and complicated combination of keys, just one key can collect the precise magnetic field value.
  • Fully automatic magnetic field tuning function, without the operator to guess the magnetic field value.
  • With self-check function, the instrument can be repaired better in case of problems in the field..
  • EREV-1+ is sturdier, more durable, lighter, easier to maintain, and more suitable for field exploration in harsh environment.

Latest technology

  • Original timing synchronization system, all instruments follow a specific time sequence of daily variation, no interpolation is required for daily variation correction, avoiding interpolation errors and getting the most accurate magnetic field values.
  • Obtaining highly sampled daily variation data without loss of accuracy.
  • With the features of original gradient mode continuous sampling, absolute synchronization function, and completely unaffected by the daily variation, the instrument performance and measurement accuracy are good determined and the gradient accuracy is far more than similar products on the market.
  • With two sets of timing calibration systems and thermostatic crystal and GPS to synchronize the timing, the synchronization accuracy can reach within 1us, making the high-precision gradient magnetic field readings more accurate. All magnetometers can achieve microsecond synchronization accuracy.
  • Full range auto-tuning, no more artificial pre-tuning field range, no longer only auto-tuning adjacent range of magnetic field.
  • EREV-1+ constantly and automatically calibrates the clock with GPS, which not only makes the measurement completely accurate, but also keeps a high degree of consistency between instruments.
  • The two channel boards of the gradient magnetometer support interchangeability and random combination, which makes it more convenient for gradient measurement and troubleshooting in various modes. The gradient magnetometer has higher cost performance.

Technical parameters

Absolute accuracy

<0.2nT, generally 0.1-0.2nT(>2 second sampling)

Regular noise value

0.05-0.13nT (>2 seconds sampling)



Dynamic range

 10,000nT - 150,000nT

Gradient tolerance


Sampling rate

 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 60 seconds

Sampling mode

 synchronous (continuous or single point), asynchronous (single point)


 GPSBuilt-in Systems, positioning accuracy 2.5m

Communication distance

 6.4km under pass-vision, the actual communication distance is related to the configured antenna, optional function

Gradient synchronization accuracy

 less than 1us

Working mode

 single point, continuous, gradient, gradient continuous

Storage media

 16GB SD card as standard and support 32GB and large capacity SD card

Data transmission

 SD card or USB cable

Battery indicator

 14.8V, 6Ah non-magnetic lithium battery, optional external 12V, 12Ah conventional lithium battery for daily change station work

Operating temperature

 -40   to 70



Console 1.9Kg (including battery)


Sensor DIA80mmL170mm;


Sensor cable L2.5m

Data preprocessing software

Erev OGM-link including diurnal correction processing, moving average filter , bad point deletion, averaging the same points, instrument noise calculation, drawing profile map, track back, support GPS format conversion

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