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Aether Magnetotelluric System
Aether Magnetotelluric System

A new generation of high-frequency and low-frequency simultaneous acquisition EM .

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Aether Magnetotelluric System

——Full-band natural source geophysical electromagnetic system


Induction coil


Broadband seismometer

Other sensors


Crystal Globe Geophysical Research & Service, LLC is a geophysical company engaged in oil and gas exploration and mineral survey, focusing on research and innovation of geophysical methods. The company consists of a group of geophysicists, engineers and software developers, most of whom have been in the oil and mineral industry for more than 20 years and have extensive experience in borehole geophysical exploration equipment design, high-precision data acquisition, intelligent noise rejection, and weak signal data processing.

Aether is a new generation of high-frequency and low-frequency simultaneous acquisition EM system with synchronous timing and positioning via GPS, fully synchronized acquisition of all channels and continuous time series storage. It can be used for any traditional natural source EM method MT, AMT, and also for conventional active method CSAMT, TEM, SIP, TDIP, etc.

Real-time transmission and downloading of time series data through 3G/4G/5G network without on-site downloading; suitable for long-period electromagnetic and seismic monitoring.


Ø  Continuous time series storage

Continuous recording of multi-channel data to ensure data integrity, the most available data in a limited period of time, improve field efficiency and increase the means of anti-interference processing. Completely different from other "old" instrument intermittent acquisition method, which destroys data integrity, but also reduces the work efficiency.

Traditional MT equipment


Traditional MT equipment can only collect data once in a period of time in the high frequency band.

      Aether Time interval

Aether simultaneously collects low-frequency and high-frequency continuous time series to ensure richer information and higher efficiency.

Ø   Real-time impedance estimation

Real-time display of time series waveform, spectrum, all operating states of the instrument, and real-time processing and display of impedance.

Ø  High and low frequency recording at the same time

Support 24bit 6-channel high frequency (up to 96kHz) and 32bit 6-channel low frequency (up to 4kHz) in simultaneous acquisition and storage; simultaneous acquisition of high frequency data and low frequency data from a single point, avoiding the problem of splicing data collected by different instruments and at different times.

Ø  Full-band acquisition

One set of system can solve the problem of all frequency bands. Aether host has ultra-wide frequency band range, one set of system can realize the full band acquisition of AMT, MT, LMT, without replacing host or sensor.

Ø  Universal electromagnetic channel

Aether series support sensor inputs of any electromagnetic method, including electrodes, induction coil magnetic probes, fluxgate probes, seismic velocity sensors, acceleration sensors, etc.

Ø  GPS synchronized time and coordinates

Accurate GPS timing ensures that each sampling point is precisely timestamped and GPS position is recorded.

Ø  Support GPS-free acquisition

In mountain or forest area where GPS signal is unstable, the instrument's accurate internal clock still ensures that each sampling point has an accurate timestamp after one GPS timing.

Ø  Low power consumption design

Overall instrument power consumption is less than 3w, only 1/5 of other similar instruments, reducing the workload of field with batteries. Other similar instruments require 5 more battery changes than Aether for the same data acquisition.

Ø  High precision 32bit acquisition

32bit acquisition, only 5nv/sqrt(Hz), can be used for weak signal, low frequency long period signal acquisition. The background noise is 1/20 of similar instruments.

Comparison of noise level between conventional instrument and Aether geomagnetic system (conventional instrument:16 bit/24 bit ; Aether :24 bit/32 bit)

Ø  Status indication     

The instrument panel displays the working status, GPS status, SD card storage status, and instrument operation status; it is easy to determine the status and abnormal troubleshooting in the field.

Ø  Large storage capacity

The instrument comes with a 32Gb universal memory card, which can be expanded to 128Gb for easy data reading operation.

Ø  Fast data transfer back

SD data memory card supports plugging and unplugging in any state, which is simple and convenient; it can also be mapped to the network drive method for data download and deletion via USB and network, without plugging and unplugging the SD card.

Ø  Change card operation during acquisition

Support changing cards during acquisition, which will not cause data loss or interruption; for continuous long-period acquisition projects, the quality of stored data can be checked at any time.

Ø  One key acquisition, pre-stored parameter files

One-click acquisition - parameter setting before the project starts, no need to operate in the field.

Ø  Support multiple interface connection and real-time data transmission

Support USB, Ethernet, WiFi connection, easy and convenient field operation.

Ø  Upper computer for all status monitoring of the instrument

Support upper computer for all instrument status monitoring to ensure field work quality and grounding condition detection, including: battery status, GPS status, noise, offset, ground resistance, SD card status, etc.

Ø  Remote data transmission

Support network data back transmission, or back transmission to a server.

Ø  Instrument tandem networking

Support network tandem between instruments, real-time data transmission. The transmission process does not affect the local SD card storage.

Ø  Industrial temperature

Suitable for field applications and any environment.

Ø  Support active and passive acquisition

System can be used for natural source data acquisition, similar to MT/AMT/SP methods, or can be used for any active electromagnetic method, such as CSAMT, TEM, SIP/IP, etc.

Ø  Open data format interface

Open data interface is available. Reading raw data, text output, and miniseed format output, etc., are supported and it is easy for users to do researches and data analysis.

Ø  Anti-harsh environment design

High stability and anti-seismic design is friendly for field disturbance environment.

Ø  Specially designed multi-parameter acquisition system

Support multiple types of sensor input, including: electrode, induction coil, fluxgate, speed sensor, and acceleration sensor.


Magnetic sensor

Fluxgate magnetic sensor

Long-cycle electrodes

Receiver Parameters

Power Supply

8V ~ 25V DC, internal or external battery

Number of the channels



24-bit and/or 32-bit


32-bit DAC

Sampling rate

32-bit: 5, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1K, 4KHz

24-bit: 5, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1K, 4K, 12K, 24K, 48K, 96KHz up to 256KHz available


Low speed: 1/9, 1, 4, 16, 64

High speed:1/2, 1, 5, 25

Input Impedance

10M Ohm


32-bit channels:  DC ~ 1.65KHz

24-bit channels: DC ~ 48 KHz

Background noise

32bit 5 nV/Hz/@1Hz, 24bit 6nV/Hz@1Hz

Input range

+/-10V input

Automatic calibration

Self-test function, input resistance, background noise, DC and AC noise

Automatic probe calibration

Automatic probe calibration and alignment, storage of raw data and results

Synchronization method

GPS synchronization and built-in high-precision clock

GPS position accuracy

2.5 meters (std.)

Data format

Continuous storage of low and high speed channel data, with the ability to output in text format

Communication interface

High speed USB, 10M/100MAdaptive NetworkWIFImeshWireless network

Firmware update

Upgraded by USB


Compatible with most probes on the market

Input resistance measurement

Measurement of ground resistance and sensor internal resistance

Attitude sensors

On-board three-component magnetic field and acceleration sensors

Trigger mode

Continuous acquisition mode and trigger signal acquisition mode

Sensor power supply

High precision +/-12V power supply

Control signal

Built-in control signal output interface

Acquisition parameter file

With the parameter setting on the SD card, the instrument can perform data acquisition independently

Pre-processing software

Time series viewing, pre-processing, impedance estimation


Low power consumption design, no-load within 3.5W (6-channel 96KHz sampling rate)

Data download

Support SD card plugging and unplugging and support data download during acquisition


Sturdy transport case

Volume and weight

27L x 24.6W x 12.4H (cm); 3.4 Kg


1 year

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