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The aeromagnetic equipment UFO-CS was used in a design of mineral prospective project ,scale 1:10,000 ,aeromagnetic survey area is about 128km2, 7 flights completed the survey line , total miles of which is 1516km, the average flight height is 141.2 meters, and the measured network density is 100m±13m. The average flight speed is 107.3km/h, the sampling frequency is 20Hz, and the point distance is 1.49 meters. In order to compare the result of ground magnetic survey and aeromagnetic survey, a integrated magnetic anomaly was selected and a 1:10,000 ground magnetic survey was performed.

After correcting and processing the aeromagnetic data, the "△T contour map " was drawn (see the figure below, the green frame is 1:10,000 ground magnetic measurement range). According to the characteristics of aeromagnetic anomalies, six aeromagnetic anomalies are defined, which are respectively C1-C6. The anomalous contrasts of this time are more complete than the 1:50,000 magnetic aeromagnetic anomalies, the details are more detailed, and the local large anomalies are decomposed into multiple peak anomalies, the anomaly internal features are more clearly reflecte