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AI full-functional geophysical geoelectric workstation


Case 1: Yunnan Geothermal Exploration CSAMT

Case 2: Geological Survey CSAMT

Case 3: Construction Survey-MT

Case 4: Metal Mine Exploration-AMT

Through this audio geomagnetic work, the stratigraphic boundaries, the distribution of smectite and gabbro were delineated and the locations and spatial forms of the F2 and F28 faults were identified. There is an obvious low resistivity zone at the known ore body. The geophysical exploration results correspond well with the drilling and known geological conditions, and the effect is remarkable.

Case 5: Case Comparing between GDP32 and AI,  CSAMT

CSAMT comparison of GDP and AI system at different times on the same section of a copper mine in Xiwuqi, Inner Mongolia

Case 6: transient electromagnetic groundwater detection