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About Orangelamp
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Orangelamp Geophysics

Beijing Orangelamp Geophysical Exploration Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development of geophysical products, geophysical services, and agency sales. Outstanding achievements have been made in many fields such as deep mineral resource prospecting, urban space prospecting, ocean prospecting and UAV geophysical prospecting.
The products developed by Orangelamp include: electrical method equipment, electromagnetic method equipment, magnetic method equipment, seismic/micro-seismic equipment, and multi-geophysical prospecting method.

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Geophysical Product

Orangelamp products cover solid mineral exploration, marine exploration, petroleum exploration, geological survey, environmental protection
and other technical fields, involving geology, energy, mining, seismic, surveying and mapping, water conservancy and hydropower, railway, highway, bridge,
forestry, meteorology, archaeology, education and other industries.